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If you’re looking for a professional plumbing company in Orange County with extensive experience, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and unmatched customer service ALL at competitive prices, look no further! Cleveland Plumbing is the total package and is ready to serve you.

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I am thankful for my referral to Cleveland Plumbing. When our plumbing issue happened  I was worried and dreading a call for help as my previous experiences with plumbing companies were less than acceptable.  Of course Cleveland Plumbing exceeded my expectations!

Vance and his crew were amazing. I was able to schedule appointment the same day, at the time convenient for me, which was after hours after I got off work. I have to admit that looking at him fixing things around my bathrooms was a little nerve wracking because with all the things he did I was wondering, How much is this going to cost me? And once again I was blown away. Vance not only didn’t charge me for the rushed house visit and after hours appointment but all his little preventive repairs were part of the package. My total bill was exactly what was quoted to me over the phone at the initial call to set an appointment.

I am thankful for you guys and your willingness to help any time. Thank you for everything!

– Anna Scoby, Happy Customer